Monthly Archives: March 2008

Ubuntu on Flickr 0

Years ago I created Ubuntu Group on flickr and actually totally forgot about it just because I was away from Flickr and today I found some interesting photos in the photo pool Ubuntu Cola? Interesting Screenshot A good reason to quit flickr Ubuntu Motherhood Linux Terrorist ? Bin Tux? LoL or maybe Pen/guin Ubuntu mobile [...]

Ubuntu Jordan LoCo: FLOSS Introduction – The Jordanian Way 13

Amman, March 13th 2008 -Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team. As part of Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team continuous efforts to spread awareness about GNU/Linux in the Kingdom, the team organized a public event at The University of Jordan in Cooperation with IEEE Student Branch. Mr. Khamis SekSik gave a lecture Introducing FLOSS in the Jordanian way, as [...]

The best web browser ever 12

I witnessed all browsers wars in my life, just like many of you; and they are just like nations, they rise and fall, Netscape once dominated the market even Internet Explorer did at some point; some great browsers with great capabilities such as Opera never got the exposure that they really deserve and some good [...]

Jordan LoCo: Ubuntu Desktop Course 2

Yesterday we had a very energetic LoCo meeting and we decided to have a fixed monthly schedule Monthly FLOSS introductory lecture Monthly Ubuntu Desktop Course Monthly Ubuntu Installation Festival This month we will do it at Jordan University and I’m so excited about it but that’s just the kick start of what we are planning [...]