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Open Source Cloud Computing Software: Build, manage and deploy private & public clouds 1 helps organizations quickly and easily build, manage, and deploy private and public clouds. Extending beyond individual virtual machine images running on commodity hardware, the CloudStack provides an integrated software solution for delivering virtual data centers as a service – delivering all of the essential components used to build, deploy, and manage multi-tier and [...]

Life is never ending installation festivals & Confrences 0

Allow me to repeat myself here, Life is never ending installation festivals & conferences at least when it’s about your freedom Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team will be at the Open Source Day Organized by Jordan University of Science and Technology. This event we will be packed with our new member Advocate Omar Eltaweel who will [...]

The best web browser ever 12

I witnessed all browsers wars in my life, just like many of you; and they are just like nations, they rise and fall, Netscape once dominated the market even Internet Explorer did at some point; some great browsers with great capabilities such as Opera never got the exposure that they really deserve and some good [...]

Jordan LoCo: Ubuntu Desktop Course 2

Yesterday we had a very energetic LoCo meeting and we decided to have a fixed monthly schedule Monthly FLOSS introductory lecture Monthly Ubuntu Desktop Course Monthly Ubuntu Installation Festival This month we will do it at Jordan University and I’m so excited about it but that’s just the kick start of what we are planning [...]

Security VS Privacy 2

Would you hate it if you knew that someone listening to your phone calls in the name of national security and war against terror ? do you think that they have time to listen to your girl friend flirting to you ? I’m all with free software and open sourcing every single bit of software [...]