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Open Source Cloud Computing Software: Build, manage and deploy private & public clouds helps organizations quickly and easily build, manage, and deploy private and public clouds. Extending beyond individual virtual machine images running on commodity hardware, the CloudStack provides an integrated software solution for delivering virtual data centers as a service – delivering all of the essential components used to build, deploy, and manage multi-tier and multi-tenant cloud applications in a simple to install software package. Because focuses on removing the complexity of cloud infrastructure by integrating all of the key components, customers realize instant efficiencies and without the overhead of integration, professional services, and complex deployment schedules.

With CloudStack as the foundation for infrastructure clouds, data center operators can quickly and easily build cloud services within their existing infrastructure to offer on-demand, elastic cloud services. believes that cloud computing is a major shift and an entirely new paradigm in data center computing. Cloud computing delivers higher efficiency, limitless scale and faster deployment of new services and systems to the end-user, thereby changing the economics of the data center by shifting the delivery of IT resources to an on-demand model.

Clock icon On Demand, Virtual Datacenter Hosting
Provide users with a virtually unlimited amount of computing power – on demand
Person icon Customer Self-Service Administration
Free up IT resources for more business critical needs by delegating administration to the cloud users
Gear icon Comprehensive Service Management
Define, meter, deploy and manage services to be consumed within your cloud
Lock icon Secure Cloud Deployments
Isolate compute, network and storage resources by user, location and deployment
Cloud icon Common Cloud API
Support for common cloud APIs like the OpenStack API and the Amazon Web Services API
key icon Open Source
Complete transparency, increased flexibility, lower cost and no vendor lock-in


Life is never ending installation festivals & Confrences

Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team Logo Allow me to repeat myself here, Life is never ending installation festivals & conferences at least when it’s about your freedom Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team will be at the Open Source Day Organized by Jordan University of Science and Technology.

This event we will be packed with our new member Advocate Omar Eltaweel who will be giving a 60 minutes presentation about Legalizing your IT infrastructure and Of course Mr Khamis Seksek who will be speaking about Linux as an investment.

No speaker slot for the poor me this time but I will be handling the Installation festival, hopefully we will be able to distribute more than 200 CD although the estimate number of visitors goes beyond 5,000, we are still hunting for a sponsor if you think you can sponsor us please leave a comment as we are in big need for more CDs

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The best web browser ever

I witnessed all browsers wars in my life, just like many of you; and they are just like nations, they rise and fall, Netscape once dominated the market even Internet Explorer did at some point; some great browsers with great capabilities such as Opera never got the exposure that they really deserve and some good browsers like FireFox got great deal of promotion, a proper marketing team behind it I’d say.

I work as web developer and I’m so attached to Web Standards, Usability and Accessibility, I do believe in them and I do my best to stick to them whenever possible. I’m also a self-taught kind of people which means I read a lot and mostly online so I really value any piece of software or website that would make my reading experience just better.

Recently I decided to quit FireFox because it eats memory as no other application would, even GNU Image Manipulation Program or Video editors doesn’t eat as much as Firefox does, so I decided to quit it.

I tried Opera, it was good in term of using a browser but for reason or another I wasn’t satisfied and my experience with it wasn’t convenient, lots of functionalities and maze of preferences.

I tried Epiphany but I needed bit more of control on my browser preferences so I gave Galeon a try and a new love story began.

Galeon is a GNOME Web browser based on Gecko (the mozilla layout engine). It’s fast, it has a light interface, and it is fully standards-compliant. You can download it but first take a look at some screenshots and read additional documentation (installation…). Galeon requires Gnome and Mozilla.

Although reading Galeon History would give the impression that Galeon is the bad guy but after using it you would understand how over simplifying things might not work well.

Using Galeon would tell you that if you want a web browser that as promised the web and only the web then its bookmarklets and smart bookmarks would be more than enough for the best browsing experience.

I’ve been using Galeon for two weeks in row and since then never had to run Firefox, Opera or any other browser, it’s just the one I need and the one I’m willing to spend my browsing life with forever.

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Jordan LoCo: Ubuntu Desktop Course

Yesterday we had a very energetic LoCo meeting and we decided to have a fixed monthly schedule

  • Monthly FLOSS introductory lecture
  • Monthly Ubuntu Desktop Course
  • Monthly Ubuntu Installation Festival

This month we will do it at Jordan University and I’m so excited about it but that’s just the kick start of what we are planning to do.

I’ll keep this blog updated about LoCo Team activities and plans in the Kingdom, so stay tuned!

Ubuntu Desktop Course - Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team

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Security VS Privacy

Would you hate it if you knew that someone listening to your phone calls in the name of national security and war against terror ? do you think that they have time to listen to your girl friend flirting to you ?

I’m all with free software and open sourcing every single bit of software on this living earth and make it free too; but yet this doesn’t mean I will say that every single closed source application is evil nor be aware of X or Y closed source application unless I have a point that I can prove.

I do not mind my calls to be monitored as long as they do it under the name of security, I don’t want them to say Only if we were monitoring those bloody VOIP calls that shit wouldn’t happen if it’s for security then please go ahead, I don’t mind it, break my privacy please.

on the contrary I can’t really understand why they’re assuming that terrorists would coordinate their operations through Skype ? how about normal cell phones which is harder to trace especially when anyone can buy it with a fake ID?

I do love Ekiga and I respect Open Wengo but the matter fact I have single contact in my Ekiga account and never been able to register with Open Wengo.

On the other hand Gizmo has a competent voice quality and pricing and actually I do use it more than Skype for calling land and cell phones especially because it Gizmo is actually smoother than Skype on Nokia N800.

Skype is the most popular Internet telephony application with the largest network compared to Gizmo and Wengo and the cheapest one too and I can’t see any reason why one should stop using it especially when there is no better or same quality and pricing alternative to it and by the way you don’t use Skype just for internet telephony but text messaging too and I’d say (Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ) IM era has gone and I chat with almost all of my friends using Skype IM.

Maybe I should make it clear that I’m not defending Skype here as much as defending a good application, network and telephony pricing and be sure I’d do the funky chicken dance and upload it to youtube if we got a better open source alternative to Skype.

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