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Zend PHP 5 Certification Voucher *sheesh* DISCOUNT 5

In 2005 we had great discount from Zend for the PHP4 exam voucher, guide and practice book, This year, couple of months ago we at JoPHP (Jordan PHP Users Group) for PHP5 Exam festival, we had plan to do one week exam preparation session and then twenty five of us was motivated to take the [...]

PHP5 Certification exam 2

I just came back from the test centre; The exam was really great and joy to take, all topics were equally covered but if you are planning to book then I’d suggest not to make a general read but read in details about everything even stuff you aren’t likely to use or you are not [...]

PHP5 Certification – Beta exam 2

I’m going tomorrow to take the PHP 5 Certification – Beta exam Exam: 100-500: Zend PHP 5 Certification Test Center: Webmasters Training Center Appointment: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 / Start Time: 09:30 Appointment Number: 216711936 Date/Time Appointment Created: Mon, 7 Aug 2006, at 14:38 GMT I don’t know how it will go but I’ll write [...]

Zend Framework 0.1.4 released 1

The Zend Framework community has released another preview release adding new components into the core, increasing the number of nascent incubator components, and now providing the manual in 10 languages. Along with the 0.1.4 release comes a new end-user community wiki, development wiki, issue tracker, changeset browser, and other infrastructure changes to help the community [...]

Understanding the Zend Framework 0

Anice piece of text by Nicholas Chase on IBM DeveloperWorks on the other hand it’s disappointing piece of text because it’s good but incomplete, waiting for the part two. IBM/DeveloperWorks We programmers are a paradoxically lazy lot. By that, I mean that we will spend hours, even days, creating something that allows us to complete [...]