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Web Standards: Some links for light reading

Every Saturday I will posting some links from Web Standards Planet for two reasons, the first is sharing good links and to waken up my Web Standards passion.

  1. The vanishing personal site – Jeffrey Zeldman
  2. HTML Reference with Accessibility Features – Accessify
  3. Web 2.0 versus Web Accessibility 101 – Accessify
  4. Standards, Guidelines, & Patterns – University of Minnesota Duluth
  5. Ajax performance analysis – IBM

More interesting reads on Web Standards related topics can be found on Web Standards Planet

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The best web browser ever

I witnessed all browsers wars in my life, just like many of you; and they are just like nations, they rise and fall, Netscape once dominated the market even Internet Explorer did at some point; some great browsers with great capabilities such as Opera never got the exposure that they really deserve and some good browsers like FireFox got great deal of promotion, a proper marketing team behind it I’d say.

I work as web developer and I’m so attached to Web Standards, Usability and Accessibility, I do believe in them and I do my best to stick to them whenever possible. I’m also a self-taught kind of people which means I read a lot and mostly online so I really value any piece of software or website that would make my reading experience just better.

Recently I decided to quit FireFox because it eats memory as no other application would, even GNU Image Manipulation Program or Video editors doesn’t eat as much as Firefox does, so I decided to quit it.

I tried Opera, it was good in term of using a browser but for reason or another I wasn’t satisfied and my experience with it wasn’t convenient, lots of functionalities and maze of preferences.

I tried Epiphany but I needed bit more of control on my browser preferences so I gave Galeon a try and a new love story began.

Galeon is a GNOME Web browser based on Gecko (the mozilla layout engine). It’s fast, it has a light interface, and it is fully standards-compliant. You can download it but first take a look at some screenshots and read additional documentation (installation…). Galeon requires Gnome and Mozilla.

Although reading Galeon History would give the impression that Galeon is the bad guy but after using it you would understand how over simplifying things might not work well.

Using Galeon would tell you that if you want a web browser that as promised the web and only the web then its bookmarklets and smart bookmarks would be more than enough for the best browsing experience.

I’ve been using Galeon for two weeks in row and since then never had to run Firefox, Opera or any other browser, it’s just the one I need and the one I’m willing to spend my browsing life with forever.

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